Honesty Band

To the truck driver who I saw sitting in an empty parking lot jamming to your favorite song without a care in the world, thank you. You made me realize that I honestly can’t remember the last time I just sat and listened to a song. The last time I didn’t open up another tab to check something, use it as ear filler during my workout, or play it in the background while writing a paper. Many of us have developed 60 second attention spans and an incessant need for constant stimulation, and I believe music (especially improvised music) is suffering because of it. Today’s music industry, values 2-4 minute radio hits that have their “catchy hook” within the first minute. Ideal for drowning out awkward flirting at bars, filling awkward silences in elevators, and pumping up joggers. While I love many radio hits and do think many popular musicians today are creating valuable art, why should I have to tell my story in 140 characters?

While there is something to be said about getting to the point, I am one who believes that brilliant stories, those stories that bring us to tears, shatter our preconceptions, and change our lives, need a journey. From the Illiad to Lord of the Rings or Carmen to A Love Supreme, great art has always needed time and care to unfold. Today, young artists are pressured to post every part of their process on social media, talk about what gear they used in Q and As, and put out endless content to keep their audience engaged. Quantity of output now rules over quality of thought, and that’s just a damn shame.

I created Honesty Band for those who still love the journey. It’s my refusal to turn my music into a commodity and my middle finger to the sensationalist and “clickbait” culture of modern times. The musicians involved on this project, are some of the most authentic and true-to-themselves young artists I know. However, I want to iterate that Honesty Band is an approach and a mindset even more so than it is a specific group of people. As this music spreads, I hope that many young artists will be inspired to form their own versions of Honesty Band. Not in our image but as a platform to tell their own truth, rising above the pressure to “skip to the point”. Honesty Band’s only objective is to create music so compelling and pure, that listeners will again remember the value of journey in their lives.

The core of Honesty Band:

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